We help you build a happier, healthier, and smarter workplace with the learner-first teaching model.

What You Get When You Choose Us

  • Discussing your training objectives at length.
  • Putting time and care into program creation.
  • Crafting a strategy that helps you reach your goals.
  • Avoiding generic and ineffective approaches.
  • Studying your employees in-depth.
  • Tailoring our delivery to your precise needs.
  • Using the learner-first model to improve efficacy.
  • Delivering a training program that resonates.
  • Facilitating more cohesion and profits for your company.

Types of Trainings

Real People

Animated People

Digital People

Enhanced Powerpoint

Whiteboard Animation

Hybrid of Multiple Types

Who We Are

Businesses run smoothly when every employee knows their role within the company structure. Unfortunately, making that happen is easier said than done. Our mission is to bridge this gap and help organizations train their members effectively.

Who We Work With

We make training videos in just about every industry and at all levels of company structures. That being said, four of our most common applications are assisting HR departments, product/service explanations, professional development, and leadership education.

The Results We Deliver

Having a well-trained staff is an essential part of business success. Knowing this, when we submit your training video, it’s not the content that matters most. Instead, it’s the improved cohesion, growing revenue, and tremendous success that your company starts to experience.

Meet the Team

Tanaha Hairston

Operating Officer

Vira Robertson

Video Creator

Marvin Balmaceda

E-learning Content Creator

Chris Evans

Director of IT

Fritz Elemino

Designer, Project Coordinator

Joshua Perry

Curriculum Writer

Case Studies


What Clients Say

We now training our contractors efficiently - the on boarding process is smooth - we even added soft skills to our training library to train our contractors.
Michelle Tolliver
Web Developer
Expert training on vendors products has enabled our sales team to sell more - we even incorporated an award system based on training achieved.
Christina I
Web Developer
I used to send our customers stacks of documents and Powerpoints in order to train them on our app. Not anymore. When a new customer is signed an email is sent out with the list of training documentation.
Joshua Lax
Web Developer

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